Kariong Eco Garden

Nice walk around this morning up at Kariong Eco Garden catching up with Lisa there.

Been a while since seeing a Fence Skink, they used to seem more common ..though that’s probably observer bias.


The Cryptoblepharus skinks were revised in recent years by Paul Horner, often using smaller less visible to the naked eye from a distance characteristics to distinguish them, for some ID’s, requiring a hand lens to compare scale textures on their feet – without doing that. i’ll assume its C. pulcher – because its apparently the local species.

I was happy to appreciate this skink doing its thing without wrestling it, and it would probably of been too quick anyway, ..it was very lively. Should brush up on their distinguishing characteristics, it may mean I get to tick another species off without having to travel far.

Also saw a Caper white butterfly, Belenois java flitting about, the wind was pretty turbulent so some butterflies did not stay for long – also saw Cabbage White, Orchard Swallowtail, Common Crow and Australian Painted Lady butterflies but were too quick to be photographed today.


Today was a nice chaser to last nights walk, a good mix of species becoming more active.

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